Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Dave receives BACKPACKER magazine and in 2006 he read this article.

It lead to him purchasing
by author Eric Blehm. This book is the story of National Park Backcountry Ranger, Randy Morgenson who went missing in the Sierra Nevada mountains that he loved so dearly.

From Eric Blehm's website:
"THE LAST SEASON TELLS THE INSPIRING, POIGNANT TRUE STORY OF THE LIFE AND MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF JAMES RANDALL MORGENSON WHO, over the course of 28 summers spent in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, became arguably the most celebrated ranger in the National Park Service's most adventurous unit. For the solitary, introspective Morgenson, the job was a calling, and he became fiercely devoted to protecting the wilderness he loved from the backcountry visitors, and those visitors from the wilderness. But the intense isolation and a series of personal setbacks took their toll, and when Morgenson vanished without a trace, many suspected suicide or foul play".

I highly recommend this book if you are interested in biographies, nature and/or mysteries. This book has led to an aquaintanceship with Mr. Blehm and we are currently reading his newest book,
'The One Thing Worth Dying For".

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